Polar Bears fall in a Danger

Research Proposal

Nowadays polar bears have been put in an emergency situation by pollution from toxic chemicals. Since the Industrial Revolution, people have used lots of chemical materials for better existence. It is obvious and clear that they are really useful materials to us, but now they intimidate into destroying our environment because of their power and toxicity. One of the most serious areas is the North Pole. The neighboring districts discharge and exhaust pollutants and contaminants such as toxic chemicals, DDT, PBDE, and Freon Gas, to the North Pole by an ocean current. Because of these, many polar bears have died and changed to be deformed.

I plan on writing about solution to the problems of polar bears in the
North Pole. First, we have to invent alternative energy. Energy that can destroy the environment is not a good material for us but is an intimidator. Second, we should observe them what happen. It is unfortunate to observe polar bears fall in a danger, but we can make ways of prevention and protection for us. Third, the governments of each country have to show people the significance of the problems of pollution. People still use these toxics because they do not have information about pollution. I believe that we can protect ourselves from pollution.

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Endangered Polar Bears by Chemical Materials

Argument Essay

Since the Industrial Revolution, we have used various and lots of chemical materials for getting better high quality life. These were obviously necessary for us. For example, they have given convenience, have protected us from the disaster, like fire, and have been elevated our life. Moreover, they could be a technological leader in this world. However, nowadays, these are threatening our environment and human as us. According to this issue that I mention, there are three main chemical materials which affect pollution in the Arctic and the mammals such as polar bears. Thus, I am going to mention why we have to stop using them and how we solve these problems.

First, there are three main chemical materials which harm environment included polar bears. They are PBDEs, DDT, Freon Gas that have been actually useful chemical materials for getting high quality life and protecting our life since the Industrial Revolution. However, they are destroying strongly polar bears. For example, PBDEs, which used in an insulator, can make polar bears to be hermaphrodite which has both female and male sex organs. Next, DDT, which protects crops from the insects, can make polar bears to palsy the central nerve. Finally, Freon Gas, which used in the refrigerator, freezer, and the air conditioner, can destroy Ozone Layer. It is called Global Warming. In fact, ice in the Arctic is melting because of Global Warming, so that many polar bears lost their ground, and they have to swim long distance for finding another area for surviving.

Second, we have to stop using these chemical materials. It is true that they have helped developing technology and given to us convenience life. I have no idea how our life is good or not if we didn’t have chemical materials. However, they are affecting badly polar bears, like that I mention. Also environment is pollutant by chemical materials. If environment can be purgation, we must wait centuries or forever. Therefore, now we know that chemical materials harm environment including polar bears, so that we have to stop using and making chemical materials anymore.

Third, we have to consider as soon as possible inventing materials which does not affect harmfully environment instead of theses chemical materials. We cannot live without them. In summer, we really need an air conditioner, and a refrigerator. Moreover, during burning fire, we can survive because of PBDEs. Also, farmers can harvest high proportion of crops because DDT can protect crops from the insects. However, we have to eliminate them for protecting polar bears. Therefore, the government and the organism of environment and science have to invent alternative energy such as solar energy, hybrid power, and wind power instead of chemical materials.

In conclusion, we have to protect polar bears lived in Arctic. Do you know why? Are polar bears just our friends? No. Actually, these problems by chemical materials are not only polar bears, but also our problems in near future. Nobody knows that we can be hermaphrodite by chemical materials, our land can be soaked in the sea, and we can get a disease from DDT. Nowadays, our job is to keep our environment that we live in.


Toxic waste creates hermaphrodite Artic polar bears

S.R #2

According to David Usborne, Artic polar bears are being poisoned by chemical compounds. One of the most serious and interesting kinds of evidence is the problem of hermaphrodites in polar bears. About one in 50 female bears have both male and female sex organs. Also, we should know and research the fact that polar bears, the final level of the food chain, are the most common victims because of the concentrated pollution from the food chain.

Nowadays, chemical compounds like endocrine disruptor has been the most serious problem in the world. Many researchers have tried to do research about chemical compounds, but they couldn’t clearly suggest how to solve the problem. I am going to show you what endocrine disruptor is, how to solve that, and how it affects us.

First, endocrine disruptor is not provided by a normal organism, but by chemical material from industrial activity. It can obstruct normal functions in animal organisms, even humans. Actually, it was produced by industrial materials such as DDT, PBDE, and dioxin. Usually, it is made when industrial materials are burned. There is a serious problem, which is that it causes a decrease in spermatozoon in animals and makes animals hermaphrodites. That is why polar bears could be hermaphrodites.

Second, in advanced countries, like the US and Japan, they perceive the truth, and try to protect animals from endocrine disruptors. They control and regulate the use of them. However, many countries, like underdeveloped countries, still continue to use them. Therefore, OECD, which is Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, tried to overhaul countries about that in 1998.

Third, endocrine disruptors affect not only animals, like polar bears, but also humans. If endocrine disruptors seep into our body, we can get a deformed child; also our body will be changed to get a disease. There are many ways to protect from endocrine disruptors. For example, we should eat clean food, and we should let babies eat mother’s milk. Also we should reduce our household refuse and use recyclable stuffs.

In conclusion, actually it is not only animals and environment problems but also our problems. We have to quickly make an alternative energy and then we can get away from endocrine disruptors. After we do that, we can protect our babies and us.


Usborne, D. (2006, Jan. 10). Toxic waste creates hermaphrodite Arctic polar bears. The Independent, London. Retrieved on March 31, 2006, from Lexis-Nexis.

Walking on the thin ice

S.R #1

According to Marren in “Walking on the thin ice” that polar bears are under attack by global warming and chemical pollution. One source of chemical pollution is PBDE, which can protect us from fire. It was designed to keep a long time, so it can be used by producing for safety such as sofas, car sheets, and others. Actually, the polar bears are the greatest of PBDE, which badly affects the food chain, because they usually are the top-level in the food chain. Also, they had to swim up to long lengths for getting food because foods were exhausted by the warm climate. However, it is difficult for them, even though they are good at swimming, because of changing climate and pollution. PBDE is a threat to no the environment of not only the North Pole but also the rest of the world.

Currently, the world is in a serious situation about the pollution. One of the greatest victims of Arctic pollution is polar bear. Let’s learn what is happening in the Arctic now, and I am going to present the solution about that.

First, chemical materials can make serious problems. There are many chemical materials that can be dangerous materials, but the big three of worst in the world are DDT, PBDE, and Freon gas. DDT is used in the production of plants. When farmers grow their plants, they have to protect their plants from worms. DDT keep worms away, so many farmers use it. Next, PBDE is used in appliances, sofas, carpets and car seats to make them flameproof. In fact, it was very useful for safe when we had a fire. It could protect our life from the fire. Next, Freon Gas is used in air conditioner or in each kind of spray. Air conditioner makes a cool wind with Freon gas.

Second, what do they make damage about pollution? Freon gas destroys the ozone layer. We know that the ozone layer protects us from the ultraviolet, which can make a disease of our skin. Also, the hot light from sun cannot go out of the earth after it came to the surface of earth. This situation is called global warming. Because of global warming, our environment has been strangely changed abnormally; the surface of the sea has gradually risen, and many fishes, living under the cool water, have moved. On the other hand, bad chemical materials flow into the sea; so many fishes spawn deformed baby fishes.

Third, we can solve this problem in 3 ways. The government should support farmers who do not use DDT while producing their plants. For example, they should make a public relations campaign that clean food is good for your health. Next, they should develop alternative energy instead of DDT, PBDE, and Freon gas. Finally, the government should let people know about the situation of pollution in the Arctic because people will consider saving their environment if they know that.

In conclusion, the pollution of the arctic is a problem to polar bears, but it will be our problem after that. It is obvious that these problems can kill us like polar bears. Before these problems happen to us, we have to consider and make a solution. Then, we will protect our children and ourselves.


Marren, P. (2006, Jan. 16). Walking on the thin ice. The Independent, London. Retrieved on March 30, 2006, from Lexis-Nexis.


Polar bears drown as ice shelf melts

Practice Article

According to Iredale in “Polar bears drown as ice shelf melts” that many polar bears have drowned because of abnormal climate change. In Alaska, average summer temperatures have kept increasing by 2~3C degrees since the1950s. Presently, lots of researchers, who investigate polar bears, tell us many polar bears are dying, and expect that they are going to be killed by lack of food. In fact, there are many sources of food for polar bears, but they could not find their food since the climate changed abnormally. Therefore, they had to compete with each other to get food, or they had to leave to another place, which has lots of sources. Some polar bears, which left to finding food, could be dying when they met rough seas, unfortunately, even though they are good at swimming on the sea. Finally, many polar bears fell into serious problems of existence.

In fact, it is obvious that we are falling into terrible problems of nature pollution. I am going to relate what the problems of polar bears are, and how we could solve these problems for polar bears in Alaska.

First, one kind of pollution is air pollution. After the industrial revolution, the climate has changed into a strange situation in the world because of toxic substances like freon gas. Freon gas is very useful to our life as it is used in a spray or air conditioning. In summer, we have to turn on the air conditioner to avoid hot weather. The cool wind of the air conditioner is made by freon gas. While the air conditioner is working, it will make lots of freon gas, and then this freon gas will destroy the Ozone layer. Actually, it is really a serious problem presently.

Second, the climate will increase in degree by because of the destroying of the Ozone layer. And now, it is the truth that the North Pole is melting. Therefore, many polar bears are fighting other bears or leaving the North Pole to get food, or some polar bears are dying.

Third, actually it is not only problems for the polar bears, but also for us. We have to find a solution, because it is possible that we are going to lose our land if all parts of the North Pole are melted by the hot weather. Also, if the Ozone layer is destroyed, ultraviolet rays will fall down on the land and then we might get a disease of the skin. In fact, many countries are trying to use other resources such as electric power, waterpower, and wind power instead of freon gas. Also, many governments already made the law, regulating to use Freon gas. If we use crude resources for something, we cannot only protect polar bears but also ourselves.

In conclusion, lots of polar bears have fallen into the serious problems presently because of the strange changing climate. Because of our mistaking about using freon gas, the temperature of the climate is increasing and the North Pole is melting. Therefore, many polar bears have lost their ground and food, so they are in crisis. I think that polar bears are the first victims, and the second victims will be us.

Iredale, W. (2005, Dec. 18). Polar bears drown as ice shelf melts. Times Online. Retrieved on March 21, 2006, from: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/printFriendly/0,,1-523-1938132-523,00.html
Times online


Wal-Mart in Murphysboro-Carbondale

Research Paper

Wal-Mart, one of the most successful companies, is expanding in the US. Such company tried to build Wal-Mart Supercenter in the small city, Murphysboro Illinois, in 2003. Kristen Cates said “While plans for a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter moving to the Illinois 13 and Country Club Road neighborhood haven't moved forward, the argument over who supports the megastore and who is opposed rages on” (2005, Apr p. 1). At that time, the inhabitants of Murphysboro were opposed to Wal-Mart. They were usually people who are owners their small stores in Murphysboro, and they already knew that they have to close their stores after building Wal-Mart. Also, there are only narrow routes because of the small town, and there is no a big area to build Wal-Mart, so it will make a problem about traffic jam. Wal-Mart did not care them even though they were starting a campaign against about that, and Wal-Mart had a secret meeting that was making a plan of building Wal-Mart with members of the public works committee. Mayor said “it became public knowledge tonight," and "to this time Wal-Mart has not made a commitment to the city. This was not a secretive meeting in my mind”(Cates K. 2005, Sep. p. 1). Ron Williams, the mayor of Murphysboro, could guess a profit of city, it Wal-Mart build in Murphysboro, but he couldn’t ignore opinions of the inhabitants. Therefore, he decided to announce to them about the plan of building Wal-Mart. Finally, Wal-Mart determined on building in Jackson County, between Murphysboro and Carbondale. And Wal-Mart promised that they construct the 13 route in front of the Wal-Mart area. KRISTEN CATES wrote that “Williams said Wal-Mart has agreed to pay for roadway improvements on Country Club Road and Illinois 13 as well as traffic intersections”(2005, Sep. p. 1). Actually, the US cannot control directly to the big company, like Wal-Mart because the US operates on the capitalism system. Why people opposed to build Wal-Mart in their city, and how to get a profit together both the inhabitants and Wal-Mart? Let’s know what the bad problems of Wal-Mart are, and why the inhabitants oppose Wal-Mart, and what the inhabitants and government of Murphysboro should do.

First, I am going to talk about the strategy of Wal-Mart to make a fool of customers. According to Scareduck, "Wal-Mart's 'everyday low prices' are the result of an unprecedented retail operation that staggers the imagination and beggars description"(2005, Nov). If you go to Wal-Mart, you can see lots of goods and price of the sign. I was surprised this price because these were too cheaper than price of other stores. However, there is a trick that the cheap goods, goods of the special price are usually in main area such as an entrance or a passageway. And if you into the back area in Wal-Mart, you can see some goods, which are not cheap. Therefore, if you shop without a plan, you will be surprise because of high cost. The goods of Wal-Mart usually have high taxes even though it is small goods. Next, it is obvious that goods of Wal-Mart are cheaper than others. However it is not the same goods and the different prices. Peter S. Goodman and Philip P. Pan said “Most of the 2,100 workers here are poor migrants from the countryside who have come to this industrial hub in southern China for jobs that pay about $120 a month”(2004, Feb. p. a01). Almost of all goods in Wal-Mart is made by China. In China, actually labor is cheap, so it is possible that they can sell or product cheaply their goods, but it is a public opinion that the goods from China are not a good quality. Namely, cheap goods of Wal-Mart have a low quality, so we cannot decide that cheap goods are fine. According to some article, “if you buy a Chinese-made low price item from Wal-Mart, or other big national chains, you are not saving money”(Pan, P.P., Goodman, S. P. 2005, Sep. p.1). For example, when I was going to buy a bicycle, I was in agony between Wal-Mart and the bicycle store. The bicycle of Wal-Mart price was just 20% of the bicycle, made by the US. Therefore, I paid $40 and bought a bicycle in Wal-Mart, but I had to throw away my bicycle because it had a lot of problems, and I didn’t want to spend my money for the repairing charge. Like this, $40 is cheap for buying the bicycle, but if it is not working, $40 is expensive. Last problem is sexual discrimination. According to Anna Maria, “Women comprise over 72% of Wal-Mart's sales workforce and less than 33% of its managers, and one of the seller said “"Women seeking promotions have been told that women with children can't be managers, that women cannot effectively manage men"(2006, Jan. p. 1). That is why people do not like Wal-Mart.

Second, let’s know why the people did not need Wal-Mart in Murphysboro. Murphysboro, one of the small towns in Illinois, has many small stores such as a grocery, a bookstore, an antique mall, and others. And owners of these stores are inhabitants, who live in Murphysboro. If Wal-Mart build in Murphysboro, it is obvious that they had to close their stores because Wal-Mart will offer the same and cheap items. Therefore, they had to obstruct building Wal-Mart for their life. On the other hands, Wal-Mart can be a good market for a burgher people. However, there is already Wal-Mart Supercenter in Carbondale. Carbondale is near Murphysboro, 20 minutes from Carbondale by a car. Therefore, if they need to buy cheap items, or want to shop in the big market, like Wal-Mart, they go to Carbondale. Next, actually Murphysboro is a small town. There are many small buildings and narrow routes. Therefore, if Wal-Mart builds in Murphysboro, Wal-Mart will make serious traffic jam, and then many people will be uncomfortable when they are driving.

Third, the government including the mayor should find the ways to succeed with the inhabitants because nobody can control Wal-Mart in the capitalism system of the US. I have three ideas about that. The government make that Wal-Mart has to procure from the stores in Murphysboro. We have a problem that many small stores have to close their stores because of Wal-Mart. However, if Wal-Mart get items from small stores in Murphysboro, they do not have to close or move their stores. Next, the government should make a special system of tax that to give low taxes to the stores in Murphysboro, and to give high taxes to Wal-Mart. If they do this, owners of small stores can keep operate their stores. On the other ways, 10% of the profit of Wal-Mart supplies to the society of Murphysboro. Like theses, they have many ways to be better. They should not obstruct Wal-Mart, but find great way, like that.

In conclusion, it is impossible that somebody control big company, like Wal-Mart, for caring small stores because capitalism, an economy system of the US, pursues basically the free competition. Moreover, Wal-Mart will give more serious damage to Murphysboro than a bloom town because of an old town. Therefore, they should grope the greatest way to be better to using Wal-Mart.


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Research proposal

Research proposal

When I came here, I always wondered why some people didn’t like Wal-Mart, even though many people are using it. After reading this article, I could learn why. People who live in Murphysboro have different options between agreeing and disagreeing to building Wal-Mart. Some people said that Murphysboro is not a good place for Wal-Mart; also, it will make a traffic jam in Murphysboro. On the other hand, after building Wal-Mart in Murphysboro, there are factors about business development and increasing sales taxes. However, while Wal-Mart was trying to get permission from the government of Murphysboro, Wal-Mart did not tell the inhabitants. Wal-Mart advanced a secret meeting with members of the public works committee for building in Murphysboro without the mayor or inhabitants. Therefore, the mayor couldn’t know about this situation, so the mayor announced to inhabitants about building at Murphysboro because of the Freedom of Information Act request. Finally, Wal-Mart decided to build in Jackson County instead of Murphysboro.

I plan on writing about a solution to the problems of Wal-Mart Supercenter at Carbondale-Murphysboro, in Jackson County. First, Wal-Mart tried to build using illegal behavior, even though Murphysboro doesn’t need Wal-Mart. For example, Wal-Mart didn’t tell people, and they advanced a secret meeting without the inhabitants. Wal-Mart should tell them even if they don’t like Wal-Mart. Second, the mayor should find a good way to get profit to Murphysboro. Third, the inhabitants should think about how to make better use of Wal-Mart.
I have found why some people don’t like Wal-Mart even though it is a very convenient store. It is obvious that Wal-Mart can give us much profit, but Wal-Mart should be an ethical store.


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Disagree about building Wal-Mart at Murphysboro

Argument Essay

The US changed to modified capitalism from pure capitalism. Its purpose is for defending from monopoly. Today, it is obvious that Wal-Mart can be the winner in free-market capitalism. And now, Wal-Mart is extending to build many stores. For example, Wal-Mart tried to build at Murphysboro even though the inhabitants who live in Murphysboro do not want Wal-Mart. However, Wal-Mart could build in Jackson County, between Murphysboro and Carbondale because of the free-market capitalism system. Now, I am going to explain what free-market capitalism is. It is the ideal of capitalism. It induces free competition, and then it can create the development of an economy. Actually, the US is not capitalism, but modified capitalism. This means that Murphysboro had a power of control to build or not about Wal-Mart, but they didn’t do that. Then, why did Wal-Mart want to build at Murphysboro, and didn’t the inhabitants want Wal-Mart? Also, why did the government want Wal-Mart to build at Jackson County? Let’s find out what was happened to Murphysboro when they decided to build Wal-Mart.
First, Wal-Mart tried to build in Murphysboro even though Murphysboro is an old town. Actually, Murphysboro is not suitable to Wal-Mart because there is no university and no new big town. However, I guess that Wal-Mart had an eye on Murphysboro because they guessed that the inhabitants of Murphysboro want to shop in the huge mall. However, it was rejected by them because they still wanted to live in Murphysboro as an old town.
Second, the inhabitants didn’t want Wal-Mart. They have a job or stores in Murphysboro. However, if Wal-Mart comes to Murphysboro, they will exactly go bankrupt because many people will go to Wal-Mart instead of small stores.
Third, the government did not want Wal-Mart to build in Murphysboro, but to build in Jackson County, because of the opposition of inhabitants. However, if Wal-Mart builds in Jackson County, there is no problem, and the government can get profit.
In conclusion, my opinion is that this issue has a relation with individualism. This problem is caused by the desire for each party to profit whose Wal-Mart, and the government of Murphysboro, and the inhabitants. Wal-Mart wanted extension, and the government of Murphysboro wanted to get profit that is from Wal-Mart. Also, the inhabitants wanted to get money without Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart could kill small stores at Murphysboro. Therefore, it is natural that whether to build Wal-Mart became a serious problem, and they had to decide about that. However, if they understood each group about each problem, and they tried to find a solution, many people can be happy.


The economy shift

I am going to define about an economy effect. Before I talk about that, I make a clear to you about inflation, disinflation, and recession. Inflation means an economic condition in which prices rise steadily throughout the economy, also a rising economy and kept high degree and value of money. Disinflation means an economic condition in which the rate of inflation moderates, also a falling economy and turn down degree. Next, recession means a temporary downturn in economy activity, which is indicated by two consecutive quarters of a falling GDP. Actually, a circulation of money is important to develop an economy. However, if circulation of money is not working, an economy will fall recession. Let’s know what happens when an economy shifts from a period of high inflation to a period of disinflation.

First, money will be not a circulation. If an economy shifts to a period of disinflation, many goods will have high price because demand is bigger than supply. It is a general situation that it is the same level between a demand and a supply. However, if these two were unbalance, an economy system will be broken. Also, if supply of goods will decrease, these goods will increase value. For example, a sports car is a very special car in the world because of specific design, so it can be higher price. Therefore, if an economy goes to a period of disinflation, and then many goods will be higher price, many people doesn’t want to spend money.

Second, many people will lose their jobs. Many companies will reduce workers because they cannot make goods any more, also they do not have a lot of money because many people don’t want to spend their money; so many companies cannot get money. For example, when Korea needed to help from IMF, Korean companies had to reduce workers. And then Korea had a lot of jobless people.

Third, many people will not spend their money. They want to save their money. Because they will lose jobs, they cannot get money. If so, both company and people cannot get money, and it is obvious that country will fall seriously to panic of an economy. In 1997, Korea had a big panic of the economy, so IMF helped us to support money. During falling a panic of the economy, Korean lost their jobs, and many companies had to close companies. This situation would still continue for 4years and many graduate students had to go abroad or take a rest because they couldn’t get a job.

In conclusion, I think that it will be continue because these have a deep relationship. During disinflation of an economy, if country wants to escape from disinflation, the government should help them. For example, the government should untie their money, make low taxes, and create new jobs. Also, the government ought to support companies.